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    Wireless Thermometers

    Wireless thermometers allow you to keep up to date on temperatures outside and inside, with no for it to be plugged into a power source. Battery powered wireless thermometers can not only monitor the temperature, but it can be coupled with a data logger to record results for analysis on a computer.

    Wireless thermometers can measure both Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on your preference, with some digital wireless thermometers capable of recording temperatures of 1800 degrees Celsius. Most thermometers have a minimum and maximum range of temperatures that it can monitor, so it’s important to tailor the right wireless thermometer to your requirements. 

    Types of Wireless Thermometers

    • Probe - Wireless thermometers can feature a probe which is usually metal that can be inserted to a material to sustain the temperature at the core. An example probed wireless thermometers are used is in the food industry to understand if food is cooked or thawed out.
    • Digital Display - Digitally displayed wireless thermometers feature a sensor to measure the temperatures in the environment. The screen can display both temperature units, making it easy to read and monitor. This wireless digital thermometer is great for maintenance on refrigeration or air conditioning units.
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