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    Keysight Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    Keysight arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) simultaneously provide wide bandwidth, high resolution and great fidelity. They allow you to create signal scenarios that enhance your reality by bringing designs to life and providing insight to your analysis. Keysight AWGs are extremely reliable and can be used to create user generated waveforms that are useful in many professions where electrical waveform measurement is essential. Keysight AWGs work by allowing the user to generate a custom waveform of any size. The ability to customise the size of the waveform produced is what them is what sets them aside from function generates, that produce periodic waveforms. A function generator provides limited and standard signals, whereas a waveform generator allows users to generate signals that produce a custom waveform.

    What applications are Keysight arbitrary waveform generators suitable for?

    Keysight AWGs can be used in many industrials including research, development, medical, electronic repairs, education, and much more, as well as by hobbyists and in other day to day applications.

    What are some of the benefits of a arbitrary waveform generator from Keysight's range?

    A Keysight AWG has vast potential to generate any signal and provides the ultimate customer solution. An arbitrary waveform generator from Keysight's range enables you to set up complex real-life signals and can meet your requirements, whether that be the need for precise signals to characterise the performance of a design or to stress a device to its limits. From testing high-density communications to love-observable radar, Keysight AWGs provide a precise, realistic picture. Some of the key benefits of a Keysight AWG include:

    • Provide highly realistic signal scenarios
    • Superior signal fidelity allows you to debug your toughest designs with confidence
    • High-resolution and wide-bandwidth signals can be used simultaneously
    • Clean or distorted signals can be used to stress your device to its limits
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