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    Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    Arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) are highly reliable devices used to create user generated waveforms and can feature bandwidths from 5MHz to 6GHz and more . In many professions, the need to create an electrical waveform measurement is essential, this is where an arbitrary waveform generator comes into play. Arbitrary waveform generators allow the user to generate a custom waveform of any size, unlike a function generator that produces a custom periodic waveform.

    Many generators feature a user friendly touch screen display with interfaces including USB host, USB device, LAN and more, allowing you to easily collect and transfer data.

    Waveform generators can offer a variety of analog and digital features, with enhanced specifications such as bandwidth, sampling rates, pulse, burst mode, harmonic and more, ensuring precise and custom arbitrary waveform generation.

    Waveform generators are commonly used in areas such as:

    • Research
    • Development
    • Medical
    • Education
    • Electronic repairs
    • Electronic hobbyists

    What is the difference between a function generator and a waveform generator?

    Whilst both forms of generators are able to produce waveforms, a function generator only provides a set of limited and standard signals, whereas a waveform generator allows the user to create user-generated signals to produce a custom waveform.

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