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    External Micrometers

    Looking for external micrometers then we have the solution for you. Our extensive range has an improved categorised filter to help you find your ideal solution. External micrometers are also known as outside micrometers, commonly used for precise measurements such as the outer diameter of component parts or materials.

    Also known as

    • Micrometer screw gauges
    • Outside micrometers

    How does a micrometer work?

    Its important to learn how to use micrometers correctly, especially analogue micrometers. External micrometers are designed with an anvil, spindle, barrel scale, and a thimble scale. During operation clamp the object between the anvil and the spindle, turning the thimble moves the spindle closer to the object being measured, once the spindle touches combine the barrel scale and thimble scale for the measurement reading.

    A digital micrometer is easier to use, the operating principles are the same as analogue micrometer except the LCD display reads the measure for you.

    Measuring scales

    The external micrometer has the measuring scale labelled or embossed on the device, you take the readings from the barrel scale which has two measurement points; above and below the line. Above is mm and below is 0.5 mm. The thimble also has marking measured to the nearest 0.01mm.

    • Example reading: Barrel scale 12 mm + Thimble scale 0.35 mm = 12.35 mm


    External micrometers are used by engineers in workshops, metal fabrication, calibration testing, and quality control.

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