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    Loop Calibrators

    A loop calibrator is a special-purpose electronic test instrument, it has been designed and manufactured to perform loop testing, circuit troubleshooting and calibration on current loops. These versatile tools are capable of not only measuring current but also sourcing current to unpowered devices in a loop and simulating the operation of loop-powered transmitters.

    Over the years, current loop calibrators have become more and more advanced, now offering users timesaving features, large menu graphics through a digital interface making troubleshooting a circuit quick and easy. You can tailor your choice of calibrator, choosing from different brands, resolutions, power supply, operating temperatures and measurements - ensuring that you have exactly what you need.

    What applications are Loop Calibrators used in?

    • Research and development
    • Servicing
    • Process control engineering
    • Calibration technician

    Why choose RS for Loop Calibrators?

    RS offers some of the most prestige current loop calibrators, brought to you from market-leading brands such as Fluke, Druck, Time Electronic and our trusted own brand RS Pro. RS has technical advisers on hand to provide you information not only on the product, but our calibrated service. All of our products are available for next day delivery.

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