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    Bulgin Rocker Switches

    From Bulgin, a selection of high-quality rocker switches are designed for panel mounting. Bulgin rocker switches are robust and reliable and have been manufactured and tested to meet the latest industry standards and approvals. Bulgin rocker switch range provides you with the ideal switch solution for repairs or new projects for most electrical appliances and equipment.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy to install, connect and maintain
    • Long electrical life
    • High mechanical strength
    • Quick connect terminals
    • Single Pole (SPST) or Double Pole (DPST) contact configurations
    • Momentary or latching switch operation including On-On, On-Off and (On)-Off-(On)
    • High inrush options, up to 16A

    Typical Applications

    Rocker switches are one of the most popular choices of switch used in the world today. Due to their simple design and easy operation. Some of the most common are

    • Power supplies
    • Audio and video equipment
    • White goods and domestic appliances
    • Computers and peripherals
    • Automotive
    • Medical equipment
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