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    EAO Push Button Contact Blocks & Light Blocks

    EAO has developed from a family business into one of the world's leading manufacturers, and have, for over 70 years, been producing products of the highest standard that are well recognised and trusted within the industry.

    We offer a wide range of EAO push button contact blocks & light blocks for various purposes within your workplace, please browse our range of EAO push button contact blocks & light blocks to complete your set up to the highest standard of quality and durability that you can rely on.

    How do I know that my EAO push button contact blocks & light blocks will be suitable for the items I have already within my system?

    Our EAO push button contact blocks are made to be added to your circuit to accurately run current through your circuit or to turn the current off. EAO offer a selection of compatibilities so you can find the right product for your personal collection.

    Here are the different EAO push button contact block types to choose from:

    • SPST, SPDT
    • 250V ac, ac/dc, 42V ac/dc, 500V ac, 250 Vac
    • NC, 1NO/1NC, 2NC, NO, 1NO, 2NO, NO 5-500V
    • Human machine interface
    • Push button switch, Emergency stop switch, Discrete switching, 92 series push button switches
    • HMI components series 04
    • 84 series, Series 70, Series 96, Series 04, Series 61

    Please browse our wide selection of options to find the EAO push button contact block to work best with your current circuits and hardware.

    By using an EAO light block you can add a visual indicator to your workspace that would be activated using a push button, this will help you to understand when your equipment is being activated. There are some different colour variations to choose from to customise your working area and when using several EAO light blocks, to help to differentiate between them.

    After assessing the components you are working with, you can choose EAO push button contact blocks & light blocks suited for you.

    What are the benefits of buying EAO contact blocks & light blocks?

    There are many attributions that add to the quality of our EAO contact blocks and light blocks, here are some that you can choose from:

    • Snap action switching
    • Corrosion resistance
    • High durability
    • High temperature range
    • Dust-tight
    • Water-tight
    • Various configurations available
    • Self-monitoring switching element
    • Switching element life range
    • Easy to assemble and use
    • Modern design with many options

    EAO caters to a range of working environments and roles so that you can find the right product to suit you.

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