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    Push Button Contact Blocks, Push Button Terminal Blocks

    Schneider Electric is a world leader in push buttons, switches, and pilot lights, they aim to produce innovative technology by modernising electrical systems to enhance their power and structure to its greatest ability. Schneider Electric ensure that you have a product you can rely on to be a safe and easy way to control your machinery and to create an advanced, accessible, place to work.

    Push button contact & light blocks can be used in various places within your workspace and offer a more advanced mechanism than the normal switch. They can be used as a connector between other mechanical parts so are perfect for a more developed, industrial, workspace.

    Can I find a Schneider Electric push button contact block & light block fit for my workspace?

    There are different Schneider Electric push button contact blocks and light blocks to choose from so that you can pick one that will work for your personal machinery the best.

    This is the selection that Schneider Electric offer:

    • 1NO
    • 1NC
    • 1NO/1NC
    • 2NO
    • 2NC
    • 2NO/2NC
    • 1CO
    • 230 V, 24 V, 110-120 V, 24-120 V, 600 V, 250 V, 230-240 V, 30 V, 12-24 V, 132 V, 48-120 V

    There are many options to choose from to get the right push button for your workplace. Our Schneider Electric push button contact blocks & light blocks are long lasting and reliable, so that you can trust that they will be effective within your workspace.

    What qualities make Schneider Electric push buttons & light blocks right for my workplace?

    • Schneider Electric push buttons & light blocks have a high standard of durability, and the blocks are made from hard, durable materials so that you can ensure that your product will last you a long time
    • Different colour selections enable you to customise your workplace and to help differentiate your systems
    • You can choose a Schneider Electric push button & light block suited for the temperature range for your harsh working environments
    • Vibration force resistance levels allow safety in conditions with moving machinery
    • By choosing a lightweight product you can guarantee a push button that is easily removable and adjustable

    There are many great qualities of Schneider Electric push buttons & light blocks, by choosing one of these products you can trust you will have an expert, advanced, technological asset to add to your workplace system.

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