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    EAO Emergency Stop Push Buttons

    Protect your personnel with emergency stop push buttons from experts in human-machine interfaces. EAO specialises in developing world-class instrumentation, testing their products to exacting standards to ensure they offer unparalleled reliability. Trust their emergency stop push buttons to improve the efficacy of your health and safety procedures.

    What are emergency stop push buttons?

    A type of push button, an emergency stop push button is a control switch that quickly and reliably disengages machinery in the event of an emergency. It features a prominent red actuator which operates a switch to toggle the path of the current in the circuit. Emergency stop push buttons feature a safety mechanism, which requires either a key, push-pull or twist-release before the circuit can be opened again. This offers protection against the accidental operation of machinery before the hazard has been resolved.

    Why are emergency stop push buttons useful?

    Emergency stop push buttons are easy-to-install and have configurable mounting types, meaning they can be used in wide-ranging applications. They can subsequently be found in any context in which people interact with potentially hazardous equipment. Some specific industrial uses include along assembly lines, on forklift vehicles and inside lift cabs.

    Choosing an EAO emergency stop push button

    Considerations when choosing from our range include cutout diameter, mount type, release type and whether the actuator is illuminated.

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