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    Schneider Electric Control Stations| RS

    Please take a look at our Schneider Electric Control Stations range, available for next day delivery!

    Control Stations provide a case for singular or multiple push buttons to help prevent hazardous situations, they are typically made from strong material such as stainless steel for ultimate protection in industrial environments.

    There are various types of control stations and the type you need will depend on what the push buttons are being used for. Many push button stations come as a start (green button) and a stop (red button) so its easy to identify which button you need. Alternatively, some control stations are key operated or need to be twisted to activate to avoid accidental errors occurring.

    Safety two handed control switches are used on high-risk machines commonly used in metal working, printing or anything that could inflict an injury on the users hands. It can only be started with two hands in a safe position which is on top of the controller buttons and will only start when both buttons are pressed to avoid any accidents from occurring. This type of machinery is used in industrial environments. If the users hands are removed the machine will stop.

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