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    Honeywell Micro Switches

    Experience efficient and dependable switching with Honeywell's extensive range of micro switches here at RS Components. Honeywell switches offer strong performance and increased safety due to their high-quality design, which is tailored to exact specifications. Their switching solutions are suitable for a wide variety of basic and complex applications so you can find one that suits your application requirements perfectly.

    What are Micro Switches?

    These compact electrical switches are mechanically operated and are used to open or close an electrical circuit. They are typically designed for low current/low voltage use and are also known as snap action switches. They feature an actuator, which can be a lever, roller, plunger, or button, and terminals. They can be found in many consumer devices such as microwaves, washing machines, and refrigerators, as well as industrial machines and systems such as emergency stop controls, access and presence detection, and power controls for motors, pumps, and fans.

    Honeywell snap action switches are lightweight, highly compact, and offer accurate repeatability and long service life, with some units featuring a mechanical lifespan of 20,000,000 cycles! Choose from models with contacts made of gold, silver, gold/silver plated, or gold/silver alloy for excellent conductivity of electric signals. Honeywell also have micro switches with ingress protection ratings up to IP67, ensuring optimal durability even in dusty or washdown environments. Their BZ series units, which are ideal for heavy-duty installations, provide precision operation and sensitive differential travel, and use tough moulded protective casing. Their V15 models are also a popular and versatile choice, designed to handle numerous types of operation, particularly for low cost-of-failure applications.

    Browse Honeywell's comprehensive range and find the best micro switch for your installation today.

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