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    DIP & SIP Switches

    DIP and SIP switches are small manual electronic switches that are designed to be packaged with other circuits. DIP (dual in-line package) SIP (single in-line) switches allow you to control the flow of electricity around a printed circuit board. For a more detailed view and to learn more about the different types of switches available, check out our guide to DIP switches.

    RS offer an extensive range of high-quality devices from industry-leading brands including APEM, Omron, TE Connectivity, and C&K.

    Where are DIP and SIP switches typically used?

    As these switches are simple to operate and are very cost-effective they are typically used to select and change between hardware and devices. The switches are much cheaper than programmable chips or software control panels. Some of the most common applications are:

    • PC expansion cards, video cards, hard drives, and modems
    • Arcade machines
    • Automatic garage doors
    • Transmitters and receivers and other radio frequency systems

    Features and Benefits

    • Gold contacts on some models for high reliability
    • Good replacement for jumpers
    • Units vary from 1 through to 32 poles.
    • Longer poles in some models save loading time in production.
    • Can be modified by cutting the poles to the required level
    • Good service temperature ranges for all environment
    • Resist shock and vibrations in some models
    • Inexpensive
    • Can check settings without powering them on
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