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    ABB Solid State Relays

    ABB solid state relays (SSRs) are electrical switching devices that perform switching functions quickly and efficiently. Solid state relays are ideal for both new applications, where reliable operation is required, or existing operations, where an exact replacement is essential. ABB SSRs are ideal for use across a wide range or industrial applications including robotics, industrial control, medical equipment, data acquisition, and much more.

    Solid state relays come available in several different mounting styles, covering a wide range of voltage and current ratings. The different mounting styles available include panel mount, DIN rail mount, PCB mount, and more. They can be used to control many different types of load in applications such as heating and lighting operations.

    What are the differences between an SSR and an electromechanical relay?

    Electromechanical relays and solid-state relays perform the same switching actions, but electromechanical relays move parts at the same time, whilst SSRs don't. Since SSRs have no moving parts, they generally have a longer operational lifetime, as they are not subjected to wear and tear. SSR's can switch faster than electromechanical relays, as they use electrical and optical properties to perform the switching actions. SSRs also have a faster switching speed, a higher resistance to shock and vibration and less acoustical noise, than an electromechanical relay.

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