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    OMRON Solid State Relays

    For fast, dependable switching Omron's range of solid state relays is the go-to solution. Omron have a broad selection of solid state relays here at RS to suit your needs.

    What's Solid State Relay?

    Also known as SSRs, solid state relays are a type of electronic switching device. Relays work by opening or closing a set of contacts between two circuits to make or break the circuit, which will allow or restrict the flow of current as needed.

    How are solid state relays different to electromechanical relays?

    Unlike electromechanical relays SSRs do not use moving parts – this ensures they have a longer life span as they are subjected to less wear and tear. Instead, they convert the incoming electrical signal to an optical signal, which is projected across a space to be received by a photosensitive transistor. This will then send the signal on to other electrical components, completing the circuit. They are also faster at switching than electromechanical relays, are maintenance free, and operate silently.

    Where are solid state relays used?

    This type of relay is used in a wide range of industries such as: Robotics, motor control, industrial controls, instrumentation, medical equipment, home appliances, automotive, and power distribution.

    Omron's solid state relays come with various features and advantages such as LED indication of operating status, compact dimensions, high switching capacity, hand-free structure for easier wiring work, PCB mounted options, integrated heat sinks, long operational life, built-in varistors, and wide operating temperature ranges. The G3 range includes popular series such as G3VM, G3NA, G3PE, G3PH, and G3PA.

    In industrial environments relays are an essential part of ensuring that your operations run smoothly. Omron relays incorporate high standards and careful design considerations, to give you total peace of mind.

    They produce over 800 million relays a year from their state-of-the art facility in Japan, and have been designing and manufacturing relays for over 50 years, so you can be sure that their SSRs offer excellent quality, performance, and durability.

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