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    Pilz Safety Relays

    Pilz is a market leader with its PNOZ safety relays, proving themselves in applications worldwide. Pilz pride themselves on their safety technology and high-quality safety relays.

    Safety relays monitor safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, light barriers, light curtains, two-handed controls, and much more.

    The PNOZ safety relay offers the user considerable benefits ensuring it is cost effective to use.

    Benefits of PNOZ Safety Relays

    • One of the leading brands within automation technology
    • Fewer accidents due to targeted control of hazardous movements
    • The appropriate solution for each application
    • Minimal downtime for plants and machinery
    • Maximum safety with minimum space requirements
    • Simple wiring and fast commissioning
    • Long service life and high availability
    • Guaranteed quality and certified safety

    We have a wide range of Pilz safety relays, and through proven reliability and robustness, we are sure you will find the right safety product for you.

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