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    ABB Monitoring Relays

    ABB monitoring relays are designed to trip a circuit breaker as soon as a fault is detected. They are controlled electrically using a switch which turns the power to the circuit on or off. ABB monitoring relays are designed to effectively protect your equipment, whilst still ensuring that any processes run smoothly and efficiently. They are designed to ensure that applications are monitored both safely and reliably, resulting in less engineering time being needed. ABB's monitoring relays can be used to monitor several things such as temperature, current or voltage, and the correct device can be selected from the range dependent on your specific requirements. ABB monitoring relays effectively protect circuits from potentially damaging fluctuations and are an excellent choice no matter what the environment.

    What is the difference between a monitoring relay and a standard relay?

    Monitoring relays have adjustable operating conditions, whereas standard relays switch dependent on the fixed threshold.

    What can ABB monitoring relays be used for?

    ABB monitoring relays have a wide range of uses and their primary use varies, depending on what is being monitored. For example, if the factor being measured is current, they can be used to protect against overcurrent, or if the factor being measured is frequency, they can be used to detect an abnormally low frequency. A suitable monitoring relay can be selected from ABB's range, dependent on what factor needs to be measured. ABB's range of monitoring relays encompasses relays that be used for a range of applications including the monitoring of current, frequency, insulation, liquid level, phase, temperature, or voltage.

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