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    ABB Temperature Monitoring Relays

    A monitoring relay is a protective control device that monitors important physical and electrical parameters including temperature, voltage, phase and current. ABB temperature monitoring relays are specifically designed to monitor the temperature within a specific operation. Temperature monitoring relays are temperature-sensing devices that are used to protect electrical equipment from overheating. They are an integral device for applications where electrical equipment needs protection from overheating, which can happen when theres overload, or if the appliance draws too much current. Overcurrents can lead to overheating, and if the devices temperature gets too high, it can cause irreparable damage to the equipment, or even result in a fire.

    How does an ABB temperature monitoring relay work?

    An ABB temperature monitoring relay can be installed into a circuit where there is a risk that devices could overheat. They constantly measure the temperature of the circuit and if it exceeds the safe limit, it will automatically disconnect the power to prevent further damage. A temperature monitoring relay comprises of a control unit, a sensor and a switch. The sensor measures the temperature of the equipment, the control unit compared the measured temperature to the threshold that has been set, and the switch will activate after the threshold temperature has been exceeded, in order to prevent overheating.

    What temperature monitoring relays are included in ABBs range?

    ABBs range of temperature monitoring relays includes two main designs based on the user controls and interface, analog temperature relays and digital temperature relays. Digital temperature monitoring relays use a backlit screen to show the current temperature. It usually has buttons so that you can set the temperature threshold that you need the relay to trip at. Analog temperature monitoring relays use an analog dial to monitor the temperature of a device and detect any unexpected rises.

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