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    Phase Failure Relay

    A phase failure relay is an electrical device that is used to monitor three-phase power systems and protect them from damage caused by phase loss or imbalance. It works by detecting the absence of voltage or an imbalance in the voltage levels between the three phases and then triggering an alarm or cutting off the power supply.

    In a three-phase power system, each phase is separated by 120 degrees and should have equal voltage levels. If one phase fails, or the voltage levels become unbalanced, it can cause serious damage to the equipment connected to the system. A phase failure relay can detect these issues and prevent damage by quickly disconnecting the power supply.

    Phase failure relays are commonly used in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants and data centres, where reliable power is critical. They can also be used in residential or commercial settings to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by power surges or fluctuations.

    In addition to protecting equipment, phase failure relays can also help prevent electrical fires caused by overheating due to phase loss or imbalance.

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