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    Sensata/ Crydom Relay Heatsinks

    Heat sinks are required to maintain the long-term reliability and ensure the correct operation of the solid state relay. They dissipate the heat into the ambient air and away from electronic devices, maintaining a safe operating temperature. If this heat is not managed correctly this can result in the failure of the relay itself.

    What is the most effective heat sink?

    Heat sinks are made up of thermal conductive materials such as aluminium and copper, where cost is low, but conductivity is high.

    Sensata/ Crydom Relay Heatsinks Features:

    • DIN rail mounted, or panel mounted
    • Different thermal resistance ratings
    • Optimised performance
    • Single, dual and three phase solid state relay applications


    Sensata/ Crydom Relay Heatsinks can be used in a variety of industrial settings such as thermal management solutions, water systems, power plants, HVAC systems, heating and cooling and electronic systems.

    Where do you position a heat sink?

    Heat sinks must be positioned so that the hot air flow over the finned surface is maximised. They need to be positioned where air can naturally flow through your enclosure.

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