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    Circular Saws

    Circular Saws and the perfect tools for quick and efficient cutting on any job. Using a spinning toothed metal blade circular saws are one of the most versatile power saws suitable for both quick ripping cuts as well as clean finish trimming along with the ability to break lumber down for framing and even used to cut other materials than wood providing the right blade is used.

    As one of the most common types of powered saw, circular saws and can accept blades that can be used to cut a wide variety of materials, from wood and plastics to metals and masonry. Each of these materials often requires material-specific blades but there is a wide selection of multi-material blades available. See our range of circular saw blades for more.

    Circular Saw Features

    When purchasing a circular saw, there are varying factors to consider:

    • Blade size is one of the fundamental factors in buying a circular saw as a saw blade size is what will enable or stop you from working with your desired materials. Circular saw blade sizes refer to the blade diameter and will often call out a max cut depth at 90 degrees as well as 45 degrees.
    • Corded or Cordless, depending on if you are working on a remote job site, in a workshop or anything in between, corded Vs cordless can make an easy job difficult if chosen wrong. Many modern cordless systems boast high Ah batteries for prolonged use with stronger motors but do require charging whereas corded saws can provide higher-powered cutting motors as well as the ability to work without the need for a battery change.
    • Saw accessories, our extensive range of circular saws come in both tool only and in kit form. Some saws are provided as purely the tool and nothing else whereas others may come with a charger or multiple batteries. Always ensure to check if you are buying Tool Only vs Kit.
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