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    Eaton Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

    Protect your tech hardware and data when power interruptions strike with an uninterruptible power supply from Eaton.

    What's a UPS and what does it do?

    An uninterruptible power supply, often simply called a UPS, is a device which acts as a back-up power source for when unexpected power-off events occur. They work by storing power and monitoring power flow to your devices. When the UPS detects an interruption it will instantly send out the stored power, allowing time for a controlled shut down to be performed. This helps to guard against data loss and hardware damage at critical moments.

    Eaton have a broad range of uninterruptible power supplies to choose from here at RS, to suit a range of applications.

    Their 9PX UPS range is a great choice if you're looking for an energy efficient UPS unit, running up to 95% efficiency when in double conversion mode. It can meter your energy consumption and comes with Serial, USB, and relay connectivity. Its RT (Rack/Tower) form factor ensures that it's highly compact and versatile. The 9PX also delivers 28% more power than other UPS devices in its class with its 0.9 power factor. It comes with load segment control so that shutdown of non-essential equipment is prioritised, leaving more battery for your critical devices. In addition, the 9PX uses Eaton ABM battery management technology which extends the battery life by up to 50% for a stronger and longer lifespan.

    Other popular UPS ranges at RS include the Eaton 5PX UPS, which is ideal for use in data centres, servers, storage devices, routers, and switches, and the Eaton 5S UPS, which is perfectly suited for applications such as workstations, network devices, POS equipment.

    As a leading global power management expert, you can depend on Eaton to provide high-quality, high-performance power protection solutions.

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