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    Norgren 18D Vacuum Switches

    Keep pressure levels controlled in your pneumatic system with the 18D series vacuum switches by IMI Norgren.

    What's a Vacuum Switch?

    A vacuum switch is a device which monitors and manages the flow of a vacuum between two spaces to keep the pressure levels stable. When a pre-set point is reached the switch will open or close the electrical connection, which will produce an electrical signal that is used to trigger an action. For example, it can activate a specific function, or set off an indicator. You'll find this type of switch widely used in industrial systems, and HVAC and automotive applications.

    The Norgren 18D series units are electro-mechanical pneumatic pressure switches which are ideal for use with neutral, gaseous, and liquid fluids (non-combustible). They are designed for intrinsically safe operation so you can rely on them for a variety of applications. These switches feature gold plated contacts, offering greater defence against corrosion and ensuring a long service life as well as excellent conductivity. The housing is made of durable aluminium and they are vibration resistant to 15 g, so you can count on the 18D switches in tough conditions.

    For enhanced safety, efficiency, and functionality, choose the 18D series vacuum switches by Norgren.

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