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    Norgren Pressure Switches

    For highly efficient and dependable pressure level monitoring and control choose from our range of Norgren pressure and vacuum switches.

    What is a Pressure Switch?

    This type of switch measures pressure in an environment such as a pneumatic system. They are used to monitor and detect changes such as loss of pressure or overly high pressure. These devices usually have one or two ports through which the pressure enters. Different types include: Hydraulic, pneumatic, digital, and differential pressure switches.

    What is a Vacuum Switch?

    A vacuum pressure switch is a device which senses pressure changes within a vacuum, and the switch will open or close the electrical connection when the pre-set pressure point is reached. They are typically used in industrial applications such as manufacturing, automation and control, processing, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

    These switches help you to maintain optimal conditions in your system, reducing risk of downtime.

    Norgren offer an excellent range which supported by their expertise as a leading manufacturer in the fields of precise motion control and fluid technology. Their offer includes pressure switches that work with a variety of mediums such as vacuum, neutral, gaseous, and liquid fluids, and compressed air to help you find the perfect fit for your application. These include convenient features such as vibration resistance, high number of switching cycles, gold-plated contacts, heat-resistant seals which prevent leakage, and high IP ratings for protection against dust and water ingress. Their 18D series is also one of the most recognisable switches of its type in the industry and has a robust and compact design.

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