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    Norgren Vacuum Switches

    Are you looking for a dependable vacuum switch to keep your pneumatic system stable? Here at RS Norgren offer a great selection of vacuum switches to choose from, which can provide improved pressure control in your compressed air system.

    What is a Vacuum Switch?

    It is an electronic or mechanical device which regulates the flow of a vacuum between two areas, to ensure that optimal conditions are maintained. It works by sensing pressure changes in a vacuum. When the pre-set pressure point is reached, the switch will open or close the electrical connection.

    Norgren's range includes the 18D electromechanical pneumatic pressure switches, which provide intrinsically safe operation. These units are vibration resistant to 15g, making them perfect for use in demanding industrial applications. They can be used with operating pressure ranges of -1 to 30 bar, so they are a versatile solution for your application. They include a variety of benefits such as: gold-plated microswitch contacts, high number of switching cycles, tough aluminium and brass housing, NBR/FPM seals, and IP65 environmental protection.

    The M/58024 series models by Norgren are designed to have compact housing, making them especially convenient for applications where space is limited. These electrical vacuum switches have G1/8 ports, 250 V dc/ac switching voltage, and a switching frequency of 200/min. They come with a tough zinc plated body for protection against corrosion and impacts, and can be used within a broad temperature range of -20°C to +80°C, so you can depend on these switches in harsh environments. With fast and simple installation, these units are a time-saving addition to your pneumatic system.

    Vacuum switches by IMI Norgren are here to help you manage pressure flow effectively and easily, so you can ensure optimal and safe performance of your system at all times.

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