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    Norgren Air Hoses

    If you need highly reliable tubing for your piping systems, choose from the extensive range of air hoses by Norgren.

    What are air hoses and how do they work?

    Air hoses are flexible tubes which carry pressurised air and other gases through the pneumatic system. They are also known as pneumatic tubing or air lines. These types of tubes are designed to be strong, flexible, and withstand high pressures in order to prevent leakage of the transferred medium. They are typically used in industrial applications where pressurised air needs to be conveyed, such as food and beverage manufacturing, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and chemical testing, and also in places like workshops and garages.

    Norgren offer high-quality air hoses for your application. Their polyurethane tubing provides superior flexibility in confined areas and excellent mechanical properties. They also have nylon tubing which is light-stabilised, and which is suitable for general industrial installations and some commercial vehicle braking systems. Select from a variety of colours for quick and easy identification when installed, like red, black, blue, yellow, and translucent. Norgen air hoses come in lengths ranging up to 100m and can be cut to suit your needs. Their 25m lengths supplied in cartons ensure high protection and enable easy storage.

    What accessories are used with air hoses?

    There are a variety of accessories available which can help to connect or modify hoses and tubing, such as:

    Tube Clips

    Tube Cutters

    Crank operated hose reels

    Pressure washers

    Hose tails

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