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    Legris Air Hoses

    Parker Legris offer a wide range of tubing and hoses and are used anywhere where fluid control is required to meet your pneumatic requirements for the most demanding of industrial uses.

    The types of tubing and air hose offered by Legris include polyamide, polyurethane, anti-spark, fluoropolymer, polythene, self-fastening, PVC, USP and many other tubing.

    RS offer you a wide range of air hoses from this trusted brand from a range of the different series. Legris offer numerous diameter hoses starting from 2mm upwards , a variety of colours, all operating at different pressures to suit your everyday pneumatic needs.

    With Legris air hose, as with any pressurised air tubing purchase, it's always wise to check you're buying the right sorts of hose materials for your intended application - this is the best way to ensure consistent high performance and a long service life.

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