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    Festo Air Hose

    Air hose tends to be sold as lengths of highly flexible plastic tubing, ideal for use with compressed air systems and general movement/transmission of other gases held under pressure. Different brands and models will offer varying options in terms of tube diameter, operating temperatures and pressure ratings - the latter are typically much higher for our robust industrial air hoses than they are for traditional rubber or nylon water hoses.

    What makes FESTO a leading air hose brand?

    • The FESTO PUN series of air hose products can be used with a wide range of gaseous and liquid-powered setups, including compressed air, water and vacuum systems
    • The robust and durable polyurethane construction of FESTO air hose makes it especially well suited for use in high cycle rate hydraulic and pneumatic energy chain applications, as the tubing balances impressive core strength with great flexibility and reliability
    • FESTO air hose is compatible with a wide variety of pneumatic adaptors, fittings and couplings, and can operate at a wide range of bar pressures - check the individual product descriptions for important manufacturer guidelines on safe limits
    • FESTO products meet exacting standards in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010 compressed air purity classifications, are free of copper and PTFE, and conform fully to RoHS requirements

    A dependable run of air hose is absolutely critical in maintaining consistent pressurised airflow from compressors and through systems to reach key components like pneumatic cylinders and actuators, valves, tools and other devices.

    With FESTO air hose, as with any pressurised air tubing purchase, it's always wise to check you're buying the right sorts of hose materials for your intended application - this is the best way to ensure consistent high performance and a long service life.

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