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    Air Amplifiers

    Air amplifiers are devices which use a small amount of compressed air to generate a larger flow of air. This increase in air pressure can be used to move air, smoke and small objects, or even for drying products. The air amplifiers can also use a vacuum to suck up air or materials.

    Air amplifiers utilise something called the "Coanda Effect". This technology allows them to efficiently use a small amount of compressed air and amplify it to a larger airflow.

    What are air amplifiers used for?

    Air amplifiers can be used for many applications, especially where a strong air flow or suction is needed. They are commonly used in factory and manufacturing applications.

    • Directing parts along a conveyor
    • Removing unwanted particles
    • Blow away excess
    • Vacuum up product
    • Drying product
    • Cooling products

    Why use an air amplifier?

    Air amplifiers offer an efficient way of producing large volumes of air. They require very little compressed air, and are therefore very energy efficient too. Air amplifiers take up a small amount of space and are easy to install and require little maintenance.

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