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    Hi Vis Hoodies & Fleeces

    High visibility (also known as hi vis or hi-vis) hoodies & fleeces will keep you warm, visible and safe within your working environment, indoor or outdoor. At RS we know that work circumstances can change depending on the weather and the seasons, as well as the particular activities to be completed on any given day of the year. Therefore, in our range of hi vis solutions, we have a range of hoodies, fleeces and sweatshirts to suit your safety needs and ensure you are warm at the same time. Our curated range includes hi vis products supplied by leading brands such as Dickies and RS PRO.

    What options are available?

    Our hi vis hoodies and fleeces are hard-wearing, comfortable and made from fleece, cotton, polyester, PET, or a combination of these. Yellow and orange are the main primary colours available, however we also have products in combinations of these colours with navy. No matter the colour, all products have a reflective tape to increase visibility and are available in sizes ranging from S to XXL. There are also additional options to consider, such as whether you will need a removable interior liner or whether a hooded or non-hooded product will be more appropriate.

    Who wears hi vis hoodies and fleeces?

    Hi vis hoodies & fleeces are necessary safety workwear for a lot of jobs and industries that keep you seen and safe at work to reduce the risk of injury. The reflective materials used on high visibility clothing work by reflecting light rays back in the same direction as they came from, such as oncoming vehicles. High visibility clothing are among the protective items classified by the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) at work regulations.

    There are many jobs that require high visibility clothing, with hoodies and fleeces allowing workers to maintain this visibility in colder climates or weather conditions. These can include safety and rescue workers, traffic operatives, vehicle repair technicians, postal workers, warehouse workers, and more.

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