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    Hi Vis Vests

    High Visibility (also known as hi vis or hi-vis) jackets and vests are worn in a multitude of industries and environments as personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets health and safety requirements. They are typically made of lightweight materials, such as cotton or polyester, in bright colours. The most common hi vis colours are orange or yellow, as these are highly reflective colours and are also less likely to blend into other backgrounds or equipment. Hi vis clothing also features reflective bands or strips around the clothing, designed to reflect light and make the wearer's presence visible to avoid collisions or injuries. These can be made from material sewn onto the clothing or may be reflective tape strips that can be replaced if damaged.

    Our range of hi visibility clothing is designed to keep all personnel visible and safe in their surrounding environment. They are lightweight and easy to wear, with sleeveless vests or sleeved jacket styles available. They are washable and supplied in a variety of designs to suit your needs, such as meeting specific safety standards (EN ISO standards, for example). Our range includes leading hi vis manufacturing brands, such as Delta Plus, Helly Hansen, Unilite and RS PRO.

    Key Features of Hi Vis Vests

    • Designed to be comfortable and convenient to work in
    • Yellow or Orange Hi Vis primary colours
    • High visibility in normal light conditions
    • Velcro, hook & loop or zip fastenings for easy wearing and quick removal if required
    • Sleeved jacket and sleeveless vest or waistcoat styles to suit different requirements

    Who wears hi visibility clothing?

    Hi vis workwear is worn in a lot of different industries and environments, either to make others aware of a person's presence or to make the wearer visible and easily locatable in case of an accident or emergency. Industrial applications may include jobs such as factory or plant floor workers, peoples on construction sites and warehouse staff, so that people are aware of each other when using machinery or operating vehicles.

    Hi vis vests and jackets are also worn by people whose jobs may result in them being near safety risks, such as safety and rescue workers, roadside vehicle repair technicians, airport workers and other transport workers.They are also seen being used during outdoor activities or worn by groups on school trips in order to increase group visibility for those in charge and to also promote group cohesion between the students/participants.

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