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    White Hard Hats

    White Hard Hats are an essential part of PPE equipment for any environment when you can sustain and injury from falling objects and impacts whether working at height or working at ground level. Hard hats are also known as safety helmets and any colour and type can be worn by anyone needs head protection from a hard hat, however, since 2017 Build UK and the NBS recommends that you should adhere to the rule that White Hard Hats be worn by site managers, competent operatives and vehicle marshalls along with different coloured Hi-Vis vests and waistcoats. This ensures that all site operatives are visibly aware of who you are. White hard hats and any other colour of hard hats are a legal safety requirement on any work site.

    What Hard Hat Colours Identify.

    • White Hard Hats, managers, supervisors, architects, vehicle marshalls.
    • Black hard hats worn mainly by those in a supervisory or lead role.
    • Blue for any other site visitors.

    Always check with the rules agreed for the site you are working on ensuring you follow their hard hat and safety helmet colour coded rules and guidelines.

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