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    Yellow Hard Hats

    Yellow Hard Hats are perfect for when you when you need to be visible whilst staying protected with the correct PPE. Hard hats can protect you from falling objects and impacts whether working at height or working at ground level. Hard hats are also known as safety helmets and any colour and type can be worn by anyone needing head protection from a hard hat, however, since 2017 Build UK and the NBS have recommendations as to what hard colours should be worn on site. Yellow hard hats are essential to protect your head in any working environment as per PPE Regulations 1992 and comply to EN397.

    Yellow hard hats like other colours have many other design features to ensure your comfort and safety when working. Some have integral eye shields, accessory slots, integral sweatbands, with and without peaks, chin straps and rain gutters plus many are adjustable fitting various head sizes.

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