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    UV Face Shield

    UV face shields give excellent protection for individuals who work in environments that have UV (ultraviolet) light, flying objects, hazardous substances, chemical and liquid splashes, or potentially infectious materials. A UV protection face shield gives you protection for your eyes and face against UV flash including any molten metal splash that can be caused by a short circuit electric arc. Face shields that offer UV protection with a clear filter allows excellent colour recognition, whilst protecting your eyes from UV rays.

    A face shield is essential for many workers and may be the single most important safety equipment for medical lab environments, woodturners, machinist, engineers, electricians and key workers. These shields aim to provide protection for the persons entire face or part of it. Many UV face shields, or visors can also be comfortably worn with goggles, respirators and earmuffs or can be attached or mounted to compatible helmets/headgear. Face shields are also fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit to the wearer.

    RS have a great range of personal protection equipment (PPE) and we offer various types of UV full-face shield visors with specific protection depending on the application. Typical protection includes resistance to UV, extreme temperatures, high-speed particles, hot solid projections, molten metal and impact. We also offer a range of plastic visors that incorporate a chin guard for a more complete face protection.

    UV Face Shield Features:

    • Offers full face protection
    • UV Filtering - does not affect colour recognition
    • Foam headband for a more comfortable wear - adjustable fit to suit all head sizes
    • Anti-fog coated material
    • Lightweight
    • Great visibility
    • Ventilated
    • CE approved
    • Able to wear face mask under the shield

    Typical Applications for Face Shields

    UV face shields and clear visors are an essential piece of eye and face protective equipment designed to protect your face from UV, impacts, airborne droplets, splashes of liquids and flying debris. They are typically found in environments that expose the eyes to high intensity, ultraviolet, infra-red and visible light sources, welding activities, steelworks and surgery. UV face shields can also be worn when working outside to protect your eyes from UV rays.

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