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    Face Shields

    Face shields provide the perfect protection for workers exposed to falling/flying objects, impact, hazardous substances, chemical/liquid splashes, debris or potentially infectious materials. Also known as face protection, face guards, face safety guards, eye protection, visors and safety face shields. A face shield may be the single most important safety gear for medical lab environments, woodturners, machinist, workshop engineers and electricians and others. They aim to provide protection for the wearer's entire face or part of it. Many face shields or visors that RS has on offer can also be comfortably worn with goggles, respirators and earmuffs or can be attached or mounted to compatible helmets/headgear.

    Features of Face Shields

    There are various types of face shields that offer specific protection depending on the application. Typical protection includes resistance to extreme temperatures, high-speed particles, hot solid projections, molten metal and impact. We also offer a range of face shields that incorporate a chin guard for a more complete face protection each face shield has a comfortable fit, fully adjustable with clear lens.

    What are the shield material options?

    When protecting your eyesight, you should not compromise on quality. We offer the finest quality eyewear for protection against a wide range of hazards Our face shields are made from various materials to suit your application needs; they include:

    • ABS
    • Acetate
    • Nylon
    • Polycarbonate (PC)
    • Polypropylene and more.

    Typical applications for Face Shields

    Face shields are an essential eye and face protective equipment designed to keep your face protected from impacts, splashes and debris. They are typically found in wood turning, grinding and sanding applications and also used by medical professionals, electricians, police and special forces, construction workers and workshop engineers.

    Why choose RS for a Face Shield?

    RS offers a range of protective face shield gear and supply industry-leading protection that meets the required safety standards.

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