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    Polycarbonate Face Shield

    Polycarbonate face shields are transparent screens designed to give excellent protection for the whole face. These face shields act like barriers which protect individuals who work in environments that have flying objects, hazardous substances, chemical and liquid splashes, or potentially infectious materials. Polycarbonate is commonly used for medical face shields due to its strength and durability.

    A face shield is essential for many workers and are often worn in conjunction with face masks and respirators and come in different materials and styles to suit many applications. These shields aim to provide protection for the persons entire face or part of it. Many polycarbonate face shields or visors can also be comfortably worn with goggles, respirators and earmuffs or can be attached or mounted to compatible helmets/headgear. Face shields are also fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit to the wearer.

    RS have a great range of personal protection equipment (PPE) and we offer various types of full-face shield visors with specific protection depending on the application. Typical protection includes resistance to extreme temperatures, high-speed particles, hot solid projections, molten metal and impact. We also offer a range of plastic visors that incorporate a chin guard for a more complete face protection.

    Polycarbonate Face Shield Features:

    • Offers full face protection
    • Foam headband for a more comfortable wear -adjustable fit to suit all head sizes
    • Anti-fog coated material
    • Lightweight
    • Clear plastic for great visibility
    • Ventilated
    • CE approved
    • Able to wear face mask under the shield
    • Can flip up
    • Durable Polycarbonate shield

    Typical Applications for Face Shields:

    Polycarbonate face shields and clear visors are an essential piece of eye and face protective equipment designed to protect your face from impacts, airborne droplets, splashes of liquids and flying debris. Face shields are typically found in wood turning, grinding and sanding applications and also used by medical professionals, key workers, electricians, police and special forces, construction workers and workshop engineers.

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