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    Oldham Couplings

    What are Oldham Couplings?

    Oldham couplings are an extremely flexible type of coupling. They are ideal for high misalignment applications, where assembly access is restricted and electrical insulation is required, because of thisthey are commonly used in the medical field, scientific, food and semiconductor equipment, where high precision control is required, as well as other industrial machinery.

    Why Use an Oldham Coupling?

    An Oldham coupling is a 3-piece assembly, which comprises of two steel hubs and a centre disk. They are used to connect two parallel shafts whose axes are at a small distance apart, allowing for both radial and angular misalignment. Oldham couplings can be used where shaft access is limited, meaning that repair and installation is easy without the use of specialist tools.

    There is no metal-to-metal contact with an Oldham coupling, meaning that delicate instruments can be protected from electrical currents. Oldham couplings will also act as a mechanical fuse, if torque is overloaded, the disk will fail immediately stopping power transmission and protecting expensive systems.

    Features and Benefits of Oldham Couplings

    • Application flexibility
    • Easy to use, no specialist tools required
    • High parallel misalignment capabilities
    • Easy to install and repair
    • Fail safe design
    • Low replacement costs

    Oldham couplings are an extremely flexible coupling type, with many advantages. They are often used as replacements for the straight jaw coupling. We have a wide range of high-quality Oldham couplings for you to choose from.

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