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    Huco Couplings

    Huco is a recognised world leader in precision couplings. They are renowned for their innovative combination of engineered plastics and metal to create a range of misalignment couplings.

    Where can I use Huco Couplings?

    The comprehensive range of precision couplings can be widely used in industry, in areas such as food processing, energy, medical, packaging, textiles and on applications such as stepper and servo drives, scanners, pumps, mixers, conveyors and compressors.

    Types of Huco Couplings

    Huco offer a range of reliable couplings including the following: Uni-Lat, this coupler combines the mechanisms of the universal joint and Oldham type coupling to compensate for simultaneous parallel and angular shaft offset. The Oldham coupling which are easy to use with their 3-part coupling can handle large radial shaft misalignment. Huco beam couplings which are zero backlash single piece couplings, they are available as single stage (3-beam) or two stage (6-beam). Beam couplings have material options available for moisture control and corrosion resistance. Bellows couplings are offer precision with excellent kinematic properties and different combinations of stiffness, radial compensation, and axial motion. The Huco double loop coupling uses a moulded plastic element with steel or stainless-steel hubs to give a compact design. It works without any friction, wear or noise and is ideal for transmitting rotation in small drives.

    Features and Benefits of Huco Couplings

    • Ideal for numerous applications
    • Reliable comprehensive range of couplings
    • Premium precision couplings
    • Engineered plastic coupled with steel

    We offer a wide range of Huco couplings, suitable for a vast range of industries and applications.

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