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    Brass Lamp Holders

    Brass lamp holders are fixtures used in lighting installations. They hold a bulb whilst also providing an electrical connection creating a connection between the wire and the bulb. Some lamp holders also provide support for a pendant or lampshade.

    Brass lamp holders are designed for a range of lamp sizes including:

    • B15 / B22 (Bayonet)
    • E14 / E27 / E40 (Edison Screw)
    • GU4 / GU5.3 / GU10 / GZ10 – Halogen and LED
    • G4 / GY6.35 / G9 - Miniature halogen 

    Lamp holders are also designed for specific light bulb types, for example, LED, GLS or CFL. It is essential that you choose a lamp holder that is compatible with your bulb, and vice versa.

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