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    E27 Lamp Holders

    E27 Lamp Holders are fixtures used in lighting installations to hold a bulb whilst also providing an electrical connection. It is a connection between the wire and the bulb and some holders can also provide support for a pendant or lampshade.

    E27 lamp holders, also known as Edison screw lamp holders are fittings that have a threaded connection. The threaded connection insert is defined by the 27 meaning 27mm. The diameter determined by the base type code, for example, an E14 fitting it also referred to as an Edison fitting, however, the 14 refers to the fittings 14mm diameter thread.

    What are Lamp holders made from?

    Lamp holders are generally made from plastic, ceramic or metal. This includes; brass, porcelain, PC and PBT.

    How are bulbs fitted to a lamp holder?

    Depending on the bulb and holder type, there are various methods. Most lamp holders are screw-in, snap-fit or push-fit. Some lamp holders are also fitted with a switch to control the power to the bulb.

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