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    Electric Wall Heaters

    Wall-mounted electric heaters are a type of heater that is permanently fixed to the wall. They are an ideal alternative heat source where a standard heating system is not possible. Electric wall heaters can be plugged into a wall socket or hard-wired. Wall-mounted heaters are perfect for delivering warmth without reducing floor space.

    RS offer a great selection of electric wall heaters from well-known brands such as Dimplex, Atlantic, United Automation and of course RS PRO.

    What are the different types of Electric Wall Heater?

    Wall-mounted electric heaters are available in a range of styles that can be used in various applications and environments. They provide heat by convection, Infrared or can be fan assisted. Some of the most popular are

    Infrared panels

    • A quick and efficient method of heating a space
    • Economical to run
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Ideal for rooms with limited space

    Tubular Heaters

    • Slim and compact
    • Can be mounted high on a wall or lower on the floor
    • Ideal for areas prone to frost or condensation

    Fan Heaters

    • Small and compact
    • Ideal for rapid heat boosts
    • Convenient pull cord operation
    • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens
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