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    Fan Heaters

    Fan heaters are a popular type of space heater that can quickly and efficiently warm a small-to-medium sized room or other enclosed environments. Many can be wall or ceiling mounted, in addition to numerous floor-standing and tabletop options.

    What are the pros and cons of fan heaters vs. other space heaters?

    • Fan heaters are ideal for use in workspaces or domestic areas where central heating isn't available, or to provide an additional fast-warming source of heat when weather conditions require it
    • They generally operate via a mains power point, and despite being focused more on fast results than long-term efficiency, fan heaters, in particular, can prove a surprisingly cost-effective way of warming a modestly sized space up rapidly and reliably on demand
    • Fan heaters work in much the same way as air conditioning or cooling fans do - except instead of using fans to push air over cooling pipes, they push it overheated pipes instead
    • The heating pipe or element of a fan heater is usually powered directly by electricity taken from a mains socket, although various alternative models of fan heater are available that use a range of other techniques, such as heated water ducts - however, these tend to be less quick at heating a given space
    • Fan heaters are usually cheaper to buy than many other types of space heater - for example, convection heaters - and usually work faster to get an enclosed room up to a comfortable temperature
    • Modern fan heaters typically include various options for power settings and thermostat cutoffs, making them much more efficient than older models
    • They're also more efficient than any other space heater types by virtue of being more effective over a shorter time period - this means you'll need fewer of them to warm up a larger space quickly

    Regardless of which type you choose, the majority of our space heaters and portable radiators are designed and built to be highly portable and user-friendly, offering simple controls and plug-and-play functionality to deliver an almost instant heating boost wherever and whenever it's needed.

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