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    Precision Screwdrivers | Electronics Screwdrivers | Glasses Screwdrivers

    Precision screwdrivers have a small and slender design with precision tips and are used for precise and intricate work involving tiny screws. Precision screwdrivers are sometimes called different names depending on the application they are used with such as ˈElectronics Screwdriversˈ where they are used to work on delicate electronic components other names include ˈGlasses Screwdriversˈ, ˈJewellers Screwdriversˈ and ˈWatchmakers Screwdriversˈ. Precision screwdrivers are available with different tip types including slotted, Torx, Hex and Phillips and some feature magnetic tips that enable tiny screws to be held in place. The cap on top of the handle of some precision screwdrivers can be rotated allowing fingertip control and precise turning.

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