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    Wiha Screwdriver Sets

    Wiha is a leading German company that specialises in the manufacture of high-quality tools and has done for many decades. Wiha screwdriver sets are commonly found in the toolboxes of both professional and DIY enthusiasts owing to their excellent quality and durability. Wiha screwdrivers are made from high quality materials with precision machined tips designed to fit perfectly into fasteners without causing damage. The handles of Wiha screwdrivers have an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and to reduce user fatigue. Each screwdriver set consists of a comprehensive range of tip types and sizes that are designed to cater for a range of different screwdriving applications. Laser etched markings on the shaft of each screwdriver allow the user to quickly identify the screwdriver size they need. The different Wiha screwdriver sets include Wiha Torx screwdriver sets, Wiha Pozidriv screwdriver sets, Wiha precision screwdriver sets, Wiha VDE screwdriver sets as well as Wiha interchangeable screwdriver sets where a single screwdriver handle is supplied with an assortment of bits or blades.

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