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    Torx Screwdriver Sets | Star Screwdriver Sets

    Torx screwdriver sets, also known as ˈStar Screwdriver setsˈ because of their shape consist of a selection of Torx screwdrivers with various tip sizes for using on different size torx screw heads. Torx screwdrivers were invented by a company called Camcar Textron, a division of Textron Inc. in the 1960s for use with their Torx screws which have six-pointed star shaped recess in their heads. A Torx screwdriver has a six-pointed star-shaped configuration tip which enable it to engage with the same shaped recess in a Torx screw. This this ˈself-centeringˈ design offers an improved grip and prevents ˈcam-outˈ or slipping making screwdriving easier and more efficient. There are different Torx screwdriver sets available including VDE insulated Torx screwdriver sets for carrying out electrical work and precision torx screwdriver sets for delicate and intricate screwdriving tasks.

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