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    Interchangeable Screwdriver Sets

    An interchangeable screwdriver set or multi-bit screwdriver features a screwdriver handle that can hold different interchangeable bit types and sizes along with a range of bits or blades with different tip types and sizes. Interchangeable screwdriver sets enable users to swap between different screwdriver heads to match different sized screw heads. The handle has a quick-release or magnetic mechanism that secures the bit or blade in place makes swapping easy. The main advantage of an interchangeable screwdriver is that it eliminates the need to carry a large set of individual screwdrivers around which can take up a lot of space in a toolbox. Interchangeable screwdrivers are available with a range of different bit types including flat head bits, Phillips bits, Hex bits and Torx bits. There are also more specialized interchangeable screwdriver set such as VDE insulated interchangeable screwdriver sets for electrical work and interchangeable precision screwdriver sets for intricate and delicate work

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