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    Safety Knives

    Safety knives are used daily, whether at home or in the workplace. There are many different types of safety cutter knives and we know them by many different names, such as safety knives, safety cutters, box cutters, utility knives, and many more. They are used widely across many industries, including retail, food industry, construction, medical, rescue teams, and general operations, to name a few. These safety knives are used as a cutting tool, with the users' safety at work of paramount importance, and as such, the most suitable safety knife should be used for the task being undertaken.

    Which type of Safety Knife should I use?

    Many different types of safety knife are available with different types and lengths of the blade. The safety knife handle is usually made from a type of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel and the knife blade is usually carbon steel, stainless steel or tool steel.

    A utility knife or utility blade is a knife that is used for utility or general purpose and these tools include both folding and retractable knife blades, used across multiple industries and workplaces. A self-retracting knife has a spring-loaded slider that automatically retracts when released.

    A folding knife or pocket knife has one or more blades that fold into the handle of the knife to keep the user safe. Snap off blades ensure the cutting of materials is easy and precise and the blade can be refreshed when needed. Hook blades are great for trimming materials such as roofing felt, carpets and sheeting materials.

    The blade should be changed when the user feels the cutting could be made easier by a sharper blade. Quick and easy blade change functions are available on certain safety knives. Disposable safety cutter knives are ideal when a box cutter is needed that is safe and that can that be thrown away when finished with. Spare blades for safety knives are also available at RS.

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