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    Eaton Tag Fuses

    Ensure vital protection for your electrical circuits and equipment with Eaton tag fuses from RS.

    What's a Tag Fuse?

    Tag fuses are a category of fuses which feature metal tags on the ends of the fuse body. They are designed for general purpose industrial applications. There are a few different varieties of tag fuse, including centred, offset, and slotted. These versions differ in their shape and where the metal tags are placed.

    Fuses work by cutting off power when overload or short-circuit conditions occur. Inside the fuse there is a fuse element which melts when excessive current flows through the circuit, ensuring the path of electricity is interrupted.

    Eaton have a vast range of tag fuses to choose from, so you can find the right one for any circuit protection application. Their offer includes the well-known Bussman fuses range, with blade, slotted, and bolted tag types, a variety of current ratings and fuse speeds, and square and cylindrical versions.

    In the realm of power management technology Eaton is a worldwide expert. They have a huge portfolio of products, backed by years of knowledge, to solve the many challenges faced by today's businesses. They pursue innovative solutions and combine them with unwavering high-quality manufacturing, making them your go-to choice.

    Our range of Eaton tag fuses are a dependable way to safeguard your electrical circuits and prevent damage to equipment. Browse our selection and find the perfect fit for your power system.

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