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    Siemens Slotted Tag Fuses

    Siemens Slotted Tag Fuses are safety components that are used to protect a circuit from overloading or short circuiting.

    How do Slotted Tag Fuses work?

    Siemens Slotted Tag Fuses are connected to a circuit either using a fuse holder or connector. the metal tag featured in the slotted tag fuse conducts electricity. However, when the circuit overloads or short circuits the metal strip within the fuse will melt, signalling that the fuse has blown, and the fuse must be replaced for the circuit to work correctly.

    Types of Slotted Tag Fuses

    Slotted Tag Fuses can be either cylindrical or square in shape and feature tags that can either be straight or fitted offset, depending on the desired need for the slotted tag fuse. Siemens Slotted Tag Fuses come in a range of sizes and a variety of fuse standards, including IEC 60269 and DINVDE 0636. The fuse speed, voltage and current ratings also vary depending on the type of slotted tag fuse needed for the specific circuit. RS offer a wide range of Siemens Slotted Tag Fuses that can be used in industrial electronic applications, including motor protection, power distribution and cable protection.

    Buy from our selection of Slotted Tag Fuses from Siemens who are one of the leading global conglomerates providing world class products. At RS, we strive to give you the best offers from our top quality suppliers and to promptly deliver in the shortest time.

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