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    Eaton RCDs/RCCBs

    Guard against leakage current in your electrical system with a Residual Current Device from Eaton. Here at RS we have a vast choice of Eaton RCDs, so you can find one that perfectly suits your requirements.

    What is an RCD?

    A Residual Current Device (also known as an RCD) is a highly important safety device which constantly monitors circuits to detect leakage current. When it detects that there is an electrical imbalance, for example a faulty appliance or a person touching a bare wire, it will disconnect the circuit. This helps to minimise the risk of dangerous electric fires or shocks. They don't protect against overcurrent or short-circuiting.

    You can use these units in many residential and industrial applications. There are different types available which are suited to particular environments, for example fixed RCDs, socket outlets with integrated RCDs, and portable RCDs are often used in domestic areas, while Type A, F, B, and AC versions are more suited for industrial installations.

    How often should I test an RCD?

    You should test fixed and socket RCDs roughly every 3 months, whilst portable RCDs should be test upon every use. Often you will find that most units have a built-in 'test' button for this, making it a quick and simple task.

    Eaton's offer here at RS includes the PKNM and PFIM series. You can select models with features and advantages such as contact position indicators, 2 to 4 poles, preventive information, fault status display with LEDs, DIN rail mounting, reduced nuisance tripping, and automatic re-setting, among others.

    Eaton are a leading global power management company with over 100 years of experience creating products to help people live and work more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Choose an Eaton RCD today and establish superior safety for your electrical system.

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