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    Schneider Electric RCCB's

    Please view our high-performance Schneider Electric RCCB Range, available for next day delivery!

    A residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) is used to protect against the user from electrocution, electric shocks and the prevention of electrical fires. RCCB|s work by comparing the difference between neutral and live wires in current values. If all currents enter the contactor through live wire and exit by neutral wire, this shows that the RCCB Is working correctly. When working incorrectly the current may travel through the earth wire which can result in an electric shock if there is no earth. An inadequate current flow is known as a residual current, In most cases if there is an earth fault an RCCB can handle a fault of up to 1kA.

    Our Schneider Electric RCCB range comes with a different series, with either 2, 3 or 4 poles and vary in current ratings, tripping characterises and trip sensitivity. We advise that all of these areas need to be carefully considered before using the product.

    It is recommended that RCCB|s are used along side MCB|s to ensure ultimate protection, Please take a look at our Schneider Electric MCB range.

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